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The lady who Inspires minds and brings Hearts together.

Donna Maria Oconnor, is an lady of great knowledge, great warmth and someone who has a lot to give.

I would like to start this blog by giving you Donna’s back story to how she got to where she is today.

Her journey began in the hair, make up and beauty (wedding) industry & thus spanned over 10 years. Her career being a hairstylist has equated to twenty years working in salons in Devon and Liverpool. Ten years ago Donna found her niche and studied to become a make up artist. She says…

“I have never looked back since”

Four years ago a personal performance and business coaching course caught Donna’s eye, although already busy with her makeup she knew this was an important path to take and there began another new chapter. From there she grew in confidence and began to organise charity events which comprised of Fashion shows incorporating music and entertainment, and more recently, within the last year started to raise money for Mind and raising mental health awareness by encouraging people to use this platform and tell their story to help others.

The events grew over the years. With the last event she organised back in March this year bringing people from cities all over the UK to take part. Having an eclectic range of people from fashion designers, hairdressers, make up artists to guest speakers; each with their own personal story as to why they were there to make a difference.

The people that come together for the events all say the same thing, that Donna is a natural born leader and has a gift for team building, Her interpersonal skills came into play and helped with team bonding along with her excellent coaching skills. A lot of friendships were formed and have continued after the events.

Along the journey of her career, in  Donna’s personal life she has become a very spiritual person and a empath and says ..

“I have felt that I have been on a spiritual journey for as long as I can remember, I’m an empath and a sensitive and I love being around like minded people who help one another and build each other up.”

It made a huge impact on Donna’s life so much so it started to exude into other areas of her career, such as photoshoots.

Some of the members of the team have also been part of her charity events and photoshoots so it fees like a ready made family that they created and ideas come to life before their eyes. They each bring to the table their own creativity and Gel together to work as one unit, one soul.

The pagan and handfasting wedding route as a wedding planner was a natural progression as this resonates with Donna’s own beliefs and it’s something that is part of her and what makes her tick and what she is very passionate about. Whilst combining her skills as an organiser Donna can give couples a special day and still follow my her own spiritual path.

Here is a selection of images from yesterday's Photoshoot which took place at Rudyard Lake
Here is a selection of images from yesterday’s Photoshoot which took place at Rudyard Lake

Special Thanks to all team members that took part in the photoshoot. Links and details for all that participated are listed below.

A Special mention goes to Daniel le fay A wonderful priest of Avalon. He conducts these type of ceremonies & many more.

Bridal Model:- Helen Middleton with thanks to EKA Model Agency

Groom Model:- Carl Shaw Carl shaw is currently a volunteer fundraising events coordinator for a wibderful charity, aswell a Reiki master. Carl uses his skills and his passion to help others as much as possible. Carl as been a Reiki master for two years and has been studying Reiki for seven years with the hopes to continuing on to self heal and to forever help those when in need of healing.


Special thanks goes to photographer, Alan Taylor, wedding ,fashion and event photographer.
mines fb Instagram Petticoatsaplenty, Facebook page Petticoats~A~Plenty

I hope you have enjoyed this blog,

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Fashionable after thirty?

Big Fashion brands want to sell a quota yes? however, they also seem to only have Models on their Catwalks that are below thirty years of age to help them do this! So for the 1.8 Million women in the Uk. (CIA world factbook 2016)approx that are over 30 ,we want to start a petition against this.

In our diverse multi cultural world, The Fashion Industry seems to have stayed in somewhat of a time capsule.

The same teenage eerily thin Models are year in year out put on the Catwalks to showcase their collections in a bid to show their beautiful pieces in the best possible form.

I for one have several problems with this! One As a population we are living longer and in most other working environments it would be deemed discrimination, to turn away applicants; who are over the age of 30 but have the correct attributes for the job. Models are not even getting Castings due to their age alone. London Fashion Week is, still to this day predominantly Casting from the under 30’s section and turning down experienced models purely due to their age.

The second issue I have is models in high profile shows and castings are very rarely from the plus side industry. This isn’t helping today’s youngsters with self image or self esteem. Plus size is deemed as a dress size 12 and over! This puts immense pressure on today’s youngsters to conform to a certain size and look, especially with social media platforms today being at your fingertips 24/7, youngsters are subjected to images of edited and distorted pictures that are not a true representation and are believing that they need to look that way in order to be accepted.

Both these issues put pressure on women in today’s society as the younger generation are subjected and bombarded with the “perfect” body and face images from very early on in life and then before they even reach a level of maturity, are told categorically by the brands and media they have been following; they are now past it!

Take a look at this picture

How beautiful is this lady? For those of you that’ dont know thisn isthe Inspiration carmen dell’orefice an American Actress and Model still gracing our media at the age of 86; who is undeniably as stunning, beautiful and on par with any other successful model and in actual fact is the envy of us all, (who wouldn’t want to look this good at any age?)

Her motto is enjoy herself, at no-one else’s expense.

Surely this proves beauty has no boundaries. We as a society create stigmas and a unhealthy perception of beauty having a shelf life and being exclusively for the young and skinny! Beauty is and should be about the whole package not just skin deep. Someone can have looks but it’s about how they carry themselves, dress, exhude beauty, confidence without being cocky. What I’m trying to say is beauty is more than two dimensional it’s a multi faceted combination and shouldn’t be portrayed as having age or weight as a criteria.

We need to see more beautiful men and Women of all ages and sizes gracing the media, magazines, television across the board.

The more people accept to knock down the constraints the more acceptance there will be for mature models being given equal chances and i believe it would have a more positive effect on our overall mentality and respect to the older generation on a wider scale.

I am myself a more mature lady! And feel I have changed considerably over the years. I have a maturity and a less anxious nature than my younger years, hence me appreciating my inner beauty which conveys outwards.

I am not a Model, I have modelled in my 30’s but stopped due to ill health. However I am braving putting up my photograph no filters or edits to show beauty comes in many forms and isn’t always what we expect.

I hope I have given you food for thought and you will view beauty as not just your initial 3 second scan of someone’s face, consider their overall beauty and help challenge the fashion industry and their ageist stance.

Stay beautiful


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LOANI Announce Launch of cookbook – uniting through Cuisine.

The idea of a cookbook was that of Caroline Makaka.

After the Success of the launch of Loani and  having such an amazing response to this, The cookbook was born, through a passion for an eclectic range of cuisine, with mouthwatering receipes from a group of pioneering women, what’s not to love?

I asked Caroline for some background information on the Cookbook and her mission, here’s what she had to say:-

Food is the one thing that connects people Globally. We all eat , We all have to eat and We all love to eat

My Mission was also to connect cultures through food that is why l created LOANI international cook book.

We may not all speak the same language throughout the world but we all have food in common.

The international Cookbook is for international Cuisine , Snacks , desserts and dishes from around the World.

We super Excited to announce that LOANI will be launching an international cook book on our LOANI Event on the 10th of December for international Cuisine dishes from around the world.

We are bringing together nations through Food . We have joined forces with Amazing Chefs from around the world and some of our LOANI Global Ambassadors from different nationalities and cultures. As part of this They will each create different dishes and desserts from their own cultures , backgrounds and nationalities putting various recipes together and sharing stories behind the dishes.

Our mission for this cook book is to Bring Nations Together through food .

Changing The World through Food!

It is clear to see Caroline’s passion, to bring Nations together and inspire Women, to empower each other and share their strengths and knowledge.

What an exciting and clever way to Unite Women of different Nationalities and Cultures through the one thing that is fuel to every persons life. It is a language we all understand and can bring families and groups together.

The Cookbook will be a vibrant array of flavours and colours to tempt your palette,  whikst each receipe; will have a back story from an Ambassador originating from different parts of the globe.

The Cookbook will be launched at the second Annual Loani event in December this year, promising to make the evening even more spectacular than the last.

I will be bringing you updates on Loani’s progress throughout the year, so keep watching this space, for more exciting information on future projects.

Thank you for reading…

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Ester Dee..  Vivacious New additional to RHOC. ITVBe

When I heard there was going to be a New addition to the Real Housewives Of Cheshire this Season, I like most fans of the programme had mixed feelings, both of ‘don’t upset the apple cart’, alongside intrigue, as to who could possibly come into the mix of these dynamic ladies and not only fit in but also, hold their own.

Well hold her own Ester Dee certainly can.  This is the best series yet –  in my humble opinion. What I love about Ester is she doesn’t take herself too seriously, you only have to rember this remark from Episode 7 about her rather ambidextrous qualities.

Don’t be fooled, Ester is a smart cookie with a clever head on her shoulders, she has her own sense of style and flair and with her model height of 5ft 10″ she carries off any outfit with finesse and flair.

Ester is very approachable which is rare these days, in celeb world. Once someone becomes famous there’s is almost immediately a intangible barrier between you and them and their world, which can make them more mysterious but I feel just puts distance between them and their fans, if like Ester you answer messages and respond to tweets and Facebook status, people admire you for being down to earth and feel you’re still grounded.

I for one can’t wait to continue to watch Ester on our TV screens, I believe this is only the beginning for her.

I want to leave you with my favourite phrase that Ester has said on the series in a piece to Camera “Shakey shakey” , which just sums up her personality, she has me laughing so hard , which anyone who has read my previous blogs , knows;is a welcome change for me after being poorly the last 18 months.

Ester certainly is a ray of sunshine, in a sepia world.

Thank you for reading
Stay Beautiful 💋

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Because Galmour is always!

As many of you are aware I am a Invisible Illness advocate due to many factors in my life Including M.E and a brain Tumour.

Along that journey I have come across many Lovely people who have similar stories and connections to share. One such person who I came to know through  a mutant friend; is Sharon Farley- Mason.

Sharon owns a company called Glamsticks ( and they really are glam)

Swarovski Crystals
This company gives us ladies and gents, that bit of sparkle and glamour back in our lives that we so crave, when everything centres around illness and hospitals.  When you become chronically poorly, many things are robbed from you as the old you ebbs away, you need constant reminders of the old you too keep you focussed.

One of my favourites, The Kaleidoscope Stick made from Rhinestones
Glamsticks can provide their Customers with a beautiful stick or crutch; folding or non, for your exact needs and have an excellent Customer Service approach. These sticks are Bespoke to each individual Customer.

You can request a little bling…


Full on razzle dazzle.

Wow! This stunning piece created exactly for a customers brief – Rhinestones with Swaroski Lillies.

Glamsticks has acquired some Celebrity followers and customer s along the way.   Below is a unique piece crafted by Sharon, the most beautiful running blade,  that really brings on the elegance! To create this stunning blade, thousands of individual Swarovski were placed by hand To create the finished piece.

The limb was made by Dorset orthopedic’s for a client.

Loyal Customers include Patience Bradley who once danced with “Legs n Co ” and was a front page vogue model too add to her repoitoire. Natasha Baker MBE para olyimpian rider and Toyah Willcox famous singer/actress. These are just a few of the many famous people who approached Glamsticks

Glamsticks is in Partnership currently with mobility choices with a future Partnersip in the finishing stages with another Company also.

A exciting development,  hot off the press, Glamsticks are also now working with WDSA Uk which is a wheelchair Dance Company.

As you can see there are many ways in which too turn a negative into a positive by creating the most amazing Accessory ; making “stepping out” quite literally like having your best jewellery on every time.

You can find Glamsticks on Facebook and Twitter.

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L.O.A.N.I  Launch Night A Night of kindered Spirits.

In December 2016 L.O.A.N.I had a glitzy 0night to celebrate its launch.

This launch night had all the ingredients which collectively made it a huge success.

On the night all the Ambassadors were brought together  to celebrate this wonderful culmination of a group of such admirable people, who together will make such an impact and together empower other women to do the same. These  30 Ambassador’s brought together from different nationalities,backgrounds, countries and cultures each excelled in their own area of expertise including, doctors, models , young inspiring girls , Advocates to join forces and make a difference to the world. Each one individually is a huge asset with the help they give and each one in turn joins together to unite to become one voice.

On the evening there was an eclectic range of entertainment  from catwalk shows,showcasing different designers and cultures too Bollywood music and The captivating beat of African drum music.

Their vision is simple, to create a collaborative, inclusive and engaging platform where they can share various aspects of knowledge & inform ,recognise and celebrate the outstanding contributions that women from diverse backgrounds make to our society as a whole and each in turn learn from these accolades.

The night was a vibrant array of music and fashion mixed with people joined to celebrate all with the same vision, the same wish, that we use each of our own attributes and put them in a huge pot in which everyone can grow and flourish and enrich others with their knowledge. Isn’t that worth getting excited about? Because I for one will be watching with great interest the progress L.O.A.N.I.

It has been a honour to write a blog on this event, and I hope to work with these inspiring ladies again in the future.

We want Women of all ages across the spectrum to be able to showcase their abilities and share with each other their vast knowledge and experience, passing on such qualities is what empowers us to be better and do better and that is what we strive for. 

LADIES OF ALL NATIONS INTERNIONAL… watch this space for further news and forthcoming events .



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George Michael… Father figure, till the end of time💔

I like millions of his “Lovlies” around the world, after a beautiful family Christmas Day, I was browsing through Facebook after the days events when ; it jumped out at me and my heart skipped a beat for a second! Someone’s status said “oh god Not George Michael now! ” I held my breath as I googled the news and my body inhaled a gasp of air, as I held my breath when I read the Headline.

I hoped it was a sick joke, a rumour that got out of hand… NO! The more I read the more I realised my nightmare had just begun & the day i’d dreaded for centuries had happened.

I realised I was still holding my breath with tears cascending my face like a stream breaking free from ice! My hand over my mouth I uttered “No,No” over and over again.

This was the day that a part of my heart was to become missing, a gaping hole in a once warm and overflowing heart.

I cried, grappling the phone to find more answers to the complexity and plethora of questions going around my head and The rush of emotions racing through my body. 

This Man, the Man who stole my heart as a teenager, the Man I had danced around the room too, over and over flipping the record back and too and making it jump with my uber cool dance moves.. The man with whom I fell in love for the first time to his songs, had breakups and heartache and would find solace in his songs and words! The Man who’s song I had playing as our First Dance at our Wedding and this Man who I Named my Son after…. has gone! His flame blown out too soon.
I find myself locking myself in the bathroom and breaking down.. I feel sick, what is happening to me? I’m grieving, I’m actually grieving for the man who I wanted to outlive me, so I never had to experience this pain.

I was already a member of a fan group on Facebook and turned there in private to mourn and grieve. Why, what,how…. NOOOOOOOOOO I scream over and over in my head. 

Why, somethings wrong, I wish I had reached out to him.. ( not that it would have made an ounce of difference ) I’m feeling, guilt, pain, anguish.
The outpouring of love is immense, I knew he was loved, how could he not be but I was comforted in a strange way and felt connected to him by the groups unity and grief.

I started to see picture the next day of the tributes people are putting down, this is all too real now! Can we go back? How can I ever listen to Last Christmas again Ever?  This song always brought me joy and excitement for the season ahead ….now only sorrow and pain.

At first I can’t bear to look at his pictures and I definitely can’t hear his voice..I’m avoiding listening to songs as it’s too painful. I know I have to try and listen to his songs as I ultimately will hear them.. so I put my phone on whilst I go in the shower, making it more difficult to just turn off. As I hear the songs, with my hair under the water I find myself sobbing uncontrollably, The songs that once made me swoon now are breaking me.

I know many people who know me may think this is silly, or not real as he wasn’t related to me. I’ve found by discussing things within a group of like minded fans this is a regular occurrence. People who are feeing the same and with whom I’ve spoke with many through the amazing Facebook group, which without it I would be at even more of a loss. It’s heartwarming to speak to people feeling the same and experiencing the same feelings in a odd kind of way. George would be proud of his “lovelies”.

I felt a pull to go to Goring as many hundreds upon hundreds were doing, but being poorly would prevent me from doing this. A very kind gesture, one I am seeing over and over amongst the group which is just the most loveliest gift he could leave, everyone is pulling as one and is a “family” and a lady offered to take a letter I wrote to his house as she lived near by! 

I have had to shelve this blog for a few days as it was just too emotionally difficult. However after receiving a message today which warmed my heart I found I had to finish this blog.

Here are the pictures of my letter at Goring… Sething I didn’t think id ever see and a picture I will cherish forever.

Anyone that’s followed the aftermath and the tributes to George at his home in Goring will tell you it’s breathtaking! I’ve never seen anything in my life like it, to see the love right there is so poignant and bittersweet that he can’t see how loved he was. I also think that it’s such a shame he couldn’t see this outpouring of love as it has become apparent that he has had his ups and downs since his Pnumonia episode in 2011. You have been loved George.

This is one of my favourite Albums and covers and I think He looked in his prime although he always looked amazing to me.
So as I grapple with the sheer emotion of what happened on Christmas Day.. and no Christmas Day will ever pass again without it being a sad reminder of a loss of one of the greats and in my eyes The great! George Michael….. I salute you. X


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Inspirational Ladies, United through a vision.

This might possibly be a blog; I hadn’t expected to be asked to write, why you may ask? ….The whole Ethos of LOANI and all it encompasses is so inspirational – so it is such a wonderful honour to be asked to be part of this in any way, shape or form.

It is an exciting time for  all involved as the Launch party is but days away, The date for this exceptional event is 10th December, being held in our beautiful capital city. The night will see inspirational Ladies from all corners of the globe, approach and come together with one vision.

There will be an array of uplifting speeches as there are Ambassadors representing many great women and their achievements.

In the economic uncertainty we have at present, this is a welcome breath of fresh air. Women coming together to celebrate all that is good and amazing with encouragement and praise of one another.

Just looking at the Ambassadors list is heartwarming, that so many  wonderful ladies will be together at the Grand Conaught Rooms in London for an array of entertainment and celebrations.

The cause is fundraising for vulnerable women and children, The vision is to unite and change the way things are in today’s world.

In our fast paced society, it is so endearing to see Women from all Nations and professions, Countries & various causes coming together in unison to Celebrate and unite as one to make a difference.

There is a lot to be learnt from such wonderful people.

For more information contact Caroline Makaka on Facebook

I can’t wait to see all the photos and hear the developments, this exciting organising will undoubtably have in droves.

Stay Beautiful 💋


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Pituitary Tumour & Cushings…. The Devil and the Angel on your shoulder.

I haven’t posted for a little while, These waves of Sheer and utter fatigue wash away any resemblance of a routine, you gain back or any normality gained.

In the last twelve months I have been diagnosed with M.E/Fibromyligia, Pituitary Tumour (Prolactinoma) and Eosinphillic Esophagitus! … Yes try saying that one with M.E slur and brain fog ;-). these are on top of 3 others I already had, yup gready I am. 🙂

The Illnesses themselves are physically and emotionally draining, like no other source I have ever experienced. They feel like your half awake yet ache in pain and something is pushing you down on the bed stopping those lead arms and legs from moving and your core has to summon strength instead of it’s being;  a reflex to do even the simplest of tasks, such as sit or get out of bed or god forbid I’d want a shower or to go to the toilet! Arggghhhhhh.

The multiple diagnosis, the flare after flare, the new symptom after new symptom puts you in a quandary as to whether it is reality for a time or is it your mind playing tricks? All these things are hard but the hardest things for me have been….. loosing myself, loosing my identity & feeling a complete failure  as a Mum,Wife,daughter, friend; and if this isn’t enough to crush you (on top of the weight gain, fatigue, pain, migraines etc etc)  to then have to develop skills in mastering the art of “fathoming your Consultant” now don’t get me wrong I have a few rather blooming fabulous Consultants, as I’m one of those lucky people to be blessed with comorbidity however there seems to be a difficulty in gaining appointments quickly and also accessing information on test results for Pituitary Tumour diagnostics and Cushings as I have heard from other sufferers the same and patients seem to go far and wide to get MRI’s after being turned down for initial testing and then tests for Cushings if they are symptomatic.

There is the devil on one shoulder and the Angel on the other telling you completely conflicting things when you have a Pituitary Tumour. On the one hand you will get told “it’s a cyst, many people have them, it will shrink with medication” on the other, if it turns out to be Cushings then it’s a very dangerous situation indeed and the life expectancy is a little as five years.

Like everything I guess if I paid privately I would see the same Consultant but immediately! – instead a mother of five is left to suffer and become a shell of the Mum she once was and that hurts more than any test, any pain I go through on a daily basis & i am hoping; well it’s repairable. 

A very brave picture of me as I’m looking fatigued, plump and drained. (But good to look back on)

Whilst this may seem like quite a frank and woe me account of life bed bound, in a wheelchair when I go to hospital appointments, a shadow of her former self post, it needs to be, if it has any chance of helping – just possibly one single other person who can connect with what I have said. Believe it or not and don’t laugh! But I look on the bright side and count my blessings, I do think I am very lucky as it could be so much worse and I have confidence, or at least I have to have; that I will get better. So these blogs are to keep a diary of how my journey is going and to possibly, hopefully…help others along the way.

I have set up three facebook groups one for Invisible Illness, one for Pituitary Tumour & Cushings & one for Mental Health Awareness.

The links for these are below so please, please feel free to join at any time.

A New Dawn Invisible Illness Group

A New Dawn Mental Health Support Group
Pituitary Tumour & Cushings Support Group
So until the next time… Keep Smiling and stay beautiful 💋


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A true Gem! Forever Sparkles.

This blog is about a lady who came into my life I believe for a reason! you know those people, who once you known them for a short time, you feel like – you’ve known them your whole life? 

I truly believe in fate and finding someone like yourself is like a breath of fresh air. Laura White is not the type to blow her own trumpet, so I thought I would do it for her, as she is a wonderful lady with a kind heart.

laura juggles four jobs, whilst battling M.E

 I got introduced to Laura through my helping in a Campaign for Dementia with the lovely Jayne Connery. I have written two blogs about the CCTV Campaign we are doing – so watch this space as its gathering speed, and I will have updates to follow. Laura is also helping with the Campaign and the three of us quickly have become firm friends and speak every day.

In order to help with the Campaign Laura kindly decided to make a unique piece for her Collection of bracelets from her company Forever Sparkle. You can find her on Facebook and Twitter @foreversparkle4

These are some of the amazing pieces she has commissioned.

For a wedding
A stunning piece Commissioned for Kerry Katona
Laura has made a really kind gesture of Commissioning a bracelet for Dementia and all proceeds go to Charity!

It’s a beautiful bracelet, with the colours of Dementia Awareness incorporated.
Alongside this Laura is helping Jayne with the fundraising for a Sponsored Abseil Jayne will be doing in December, for more information go to The Dementia Awareness Group. Or CCTV in Dementia Care Homes page on Facebook

Laura supporting the CCTV Campaign

Laura is a very talented, warm and giving lady and her efforts need to be recognised.

So if anyone would like to purchase some of her Jewellery please don’t hesitate to speak to Laura, you won’t be disappointed. 

Our journey as friends the three of us Jayne, Laura and I has only just begun! So watch this space – lots of exciting things to come! 



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C.C.T.V Campaign, Being the voice and eyes for the vulnerable.

Jayne Connery’s Mum left in a drafty corridor in hospital

Jayne Connery is such an amazing lady, most of us just associate her as being a Big Brother finalist. Of course that is a massive achievement but many will not make the correlation between Jayne and her Dementia Campaign that she has been triumphing for many years. 
Jayne is now focussing all her attentions on her C.C.T.V Campaign, after she witnessed first hand the failings in the care system. The bottom line is; C.C.T.V cameras made as a mandatory requirement  in all care/ Dementia care establishments, will not only protect the patients but it will also be a protection for staff too. 

We have to remember these patients can not voice their own concerns, can not speak up when something is wrong, often get ignored as being just noisy & distruptive in nature! Cameras would show any neglect taking place and hopefully prevent any wrong doing and stamp out inadequate care providers. When you don’t have any cameras to look back on a situation. There often is no proof, even if the patient has suffered as a consequence.

Below is a picture of Jayne’s Mum, in the Care Home; after Jayne specifically advising that her Mum was terrified of water and only to give her a wash down, how horrifying must Jayne have been to see her Mum like this after being made to have a shower. The explanation –  Her Mum had tried to put her glasses on in the shower! How scared must this poor lady have been! I can only imagine with horror. 

Jayne’s Mum after her traumatic experience

After such horrifying experiences,  Jayne felt compelled to withdraw her Mum from the Care system, and saw no other way out but to bring her Mum into the bosom of her home and know that she was loved and cared for, without fear everyday of what she will walk into next.
This picture melts my heart! Jayne’s Mum, on returning home. Her smile says it all!

Most people once withdrawing their loved one from the problem would stop there. Jayne however has made it her mission to Campaign so that those who have no choice but to be in Care homes & suffer Dementia have protection in the form of C.C.T.V Camera’s. You will find most childcare provisions will have them and if not wouldn’t you choose one that had? So it’s no different for Dementia patients, they rely on our decisions on our safeguarding on us to be their Voice!

Please join us and help us by support our Campaign. 

You can sign the petition here which the aim is to get enough Names to take this to Parliament.

Also follow our page and like it please for all updates on the Campaign.

If anyone wishes to send an email regarding the Campaign you can either use the button on the blog or email direct


Out of The Corner

Karen Johnson – Abuse on a global scale.

Pic taken by David Lydiate for Bloodwise UK
I have written a few blogs now for the iconic Woman that is Karen Johnson.

It has always been in her blood to help others, helping people through abuse has always been close to her heart and came about through her own unfortunate circumstances.

News of Karen’s work spreads fast and now She has become Hon Deputy Minister , WHC world humanity commission For the UK , In safeguarding women’s domestic abuse and FGM.

On talking to Karen recently about taking up this role, what became apparent to me was the honour she feels on undertaking such a key role. This isn’t something she is taking lightly – infact everthing Karen does she gives her all too! Which is why, more and more groups are coming forward for her expertise.

Such a group that came forward for help is a Zambia women’s group. Karen is giving support, advise, guidance & ultimately giving back their confidence & hope, that is eroded upon commencement of abuse- to Women In rural areas of the Country.

Chomba mizumbi & his wife Emelia nyeleti
There is at present zero support or any network for these women to reach out too! They have been craving someone to come to their aid ; with the simplest of human qualities. She is beginning to break the silence.

The time has come for change and change will happen. As a consequence,more support in rural countries will need her help.

Since Karen started to work with this group, it has opened the floodgates to more taboo conversations being had and more silences being broken! This is huge and a movement is nigh.

I asked Karen what the women had done prior to her aid, this is what she said

Pic taken by David Lydiate for Bloodwise UK

So many women rely on their prayer to get them through, But like I say you pray yes but you can’t wait for God to remove you . You must do this yourself . He will guide you in different ways

All the ladies there are so open and helping new addition ladies ever single day.

There is man and wife running this group to help these woman

And I’m so happy I can reach them through whatsapp

Amazing I can help so many women from my phone

Yes it’s time consuming with all the other things going on in my life but this is my passion and mission

Day / night

I’m here for anyone who needs me


The power of social media comes under scrutiny in the press sometimes ; as it can hide Internet trolls and have such negative connotations, but in this instance it’s so lovely to see the power of social media to reach across the World to truly make a huge difference, life changing differences, maybe even life saving!

The WHC is an amazing project to be involved and and Karen is the perfect Ambassador and spearhead to move this project forward alongside such world changing and humbling people  as Chomba & Emelia. These three people working alongside one another for the same cause and with the same passion; is truly a dream team for WHC.

There is no stopping this inspiring lady. I am truly humbled to be on this journey with her.

If anyone would like to help in anyway, please leave a comment on the blog and I will get back to you.


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Big Brother’s watching you! – but who is watching our elderly!

Jayne Connery is someone that is synonymous with Big Brother, as much as daily Coffee is too milk.

After leaving Big Brother, Jayne is someone that I have come to know and I have to say, she really is an amazing lady. Her tenacity and drive for her Campaign for Dementia is admirable.

Many don’t know Jayne has had a Facebook support group for some time, which offers help to those who have been touched by Dementia and are in need of support, information and friendship.

The group goes a long way in helping those who have to deal with the effect of Dementia on a everyday basis; reaching out for real support can be hard and asking for help and advice is also quite taboo. Knowing their is a group of likeminded people, run by such a iconic figure is reassuring that they are in good hands.

Anyone who wishes to join needs to send a request in to be approved – as is the case with many closed groups. This protects the data that’s in the group from being posted all over Facebook, as let’s face it; it’s a tough enough time without being judged or feeling the need to hold back! This is a fabulous network available to those with computer access.

We all know Jayne won’t stop there! It’s not in her nature to take the easy option! so on top of this she Campaigns tirelessly to raise money and awareness, as awareness brings knowledge and education & thus ultimately brings upon change.

Just recently Jayne was acknowledged for being one of the top 5% fundraisers in September! That’s pretty phenomenal. That’s money raised for Dementia and Dementia research alone.

Many people who don’t know Jayne or didn’t really pay much attention to who she was or what her back story was about; may be forgiven in thinking that she went On BB16 for fame & fortune! Infact that’s not the case, There is one drive and one reason for her appearance; which I for one am grateful for, as we now have this beautiful, amazing, warm person in our lives who will strive to get to her goal. The reason for her fame? Ok I’ll show you…
right here! Her Mother, her life, her family – the reason she gets up and answers more emails than we can imagine, the reason she will get the negative side to press! The reason she looses sleep, the reason she is the person she is today! Her Mum.

I have my reasons through past family members having Dementia and my own illness at present why I feel so passionate about the work Jayne is doing to help in any way I can.

What are yours?

Please take a minute to donate to Dementia uk & to support Jayne in her upcoming fundraising achievements.
From myself and all those who support you Jayne! Thank you! For being our voice..

You can connect with Jayne on LinkedIn by following this link

Twitter @jayne_connery



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The morning after the tumour before.

The impending cloud of a feeling of vague sadness as I open my eyes is happening again, and for a split second I can’t remember why; then it hits me, like a squatter hitting a bottle fly “thwack” there it goes! I have a brain tumour.

As if I wasn’t aware already there is the constant migraines that are there just incase I had forgotten just to give me a nudge “hey you, did you forget? Huh! You have a lump in your head “& boy does it throb.

I’m not sure you adjust to a diagnosis like that or whether we have some sort of programme inside us, reserved for times of great stress and “I’m scared shitless” because for some reason I’m quite calm? Maybe it’s the fight or flight kicking in? I hope it stays kicked in or I may just fall apart.

Im having tests to see if I have a rare disease which is linked to the tumour so the diagnostics don’t end here! I feel like a never ending appointment system and wonder what did I do before hospital appointments and illness? I’m struggling to remember.My handbag is stuffed full of letters and hospital numbers.

I do find myself asking though how long should I wait now for this to be over as it’s been a year in October since I fell poorly, well really poorly I was ill before that but had pushed through for six years!! i think the Drs don’t see that. They say “well we will send you for this and that”. “Will that make me better” I ask?  “As I want my life Please” My Dr looks at me sitting there in the chair in front of him! I don’t know what he sees, but I am broken, I am not the women I once was, I am no longer a Mum, wife, daughter. He smirks when I tell him this and says “of course you’re still a Mum” I knew that would fall on deaf ears; although in person I am , part of me has gone as I am not able to be the Mum I was and want to be due to this debilitating illness. The Drs only see a “normal” person who has got dressed today and got dressed, brushed her hair, put on a necklace and maybe a scarf, On a normal day it will consist of Pj’s and sleep, he won’t see that I will sleep on the way home or when I get in! he won’t see me crawl up the stairs when I get in; He won’t see I will have insomnia that night and sleep all day the next, or the excruciating migraine I will have and pain from being out. He only sees a shell of what once was! 

The shell needs to have life put back into her, little by little with treatment and rest.I wonder how I will come out the other side? Stronger or weaker? Wiser or bitter. Time will tell. 

As time goes on you not only loose your identity, you loose friends along the way, or should I say aquaintances, as they weren’t really friends were they! It has an advantage being ill in that it weedles out the week and the fake for you! What your left with cherish and keep tight hold of. I found I pulled back completely as I have no energy for myself let alone to keep up a friendship; it’s too much effort, as harsh as that sounds – it’s reality! And you have to save energy where u can. A real friend will understand. Maybe I’m just a miserable cow ha ha! I’m running with the illness and sticking with it 😉

As well as the above as if they weren’t enough to make u want to stay in your duvet forever, this tumour makes you put on weight! For the first time since my youngest and he’s 11! I’ve always had a flat stomach and now I have a spare tyre ( or 2) no not a spare tyre they are nice and even! A wobbly jelly tyre appeared overnight like “bam” someone thought ha ha lets really piss her off and test her .. Give her massive weight gain and low self esteem too! Yay

So what a jolly tastic time I’m having. Although in all seriousness – I am in general a glass half full kind of gal believe it or not and do believe there are people worse off than me. Although I think I am allowed to have a bad day now and again 😉

In essence what I want to achieve from this blog is a honest approach to being ill and Invisible illness but also a sense of humour, a vulnerable side, A weak side even showing its ok to be all of these. Sometimes I think we put too much pressure on ourselves even at our lowest points. We still think we have points to prove, standards to hit, but what I have learnt is the only one you are usually proving anything too is yourself and the standards are your own, you set them; so therefore lower that bar! and allow yourself time to heal, to not be ok, to not get dressed if you’re ill, not to do the housework if it’s too much! All these things we have put the expectations on ourselves most of the time. In order to get well you need to stop, put you first and let others help as hard as that may be, believe me I know, I’ve had to let go this year, but for your own sake & often for the sake of others as a consequence- do it. Trust me it will all be there for you to do again when your better! (More is  the pity) I hate housework) ha ha! 


Stay beautiful 💋


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The blog of blobby..

I’ve decided to blog throughout my journey with my new friend blobby ( brain tumour) 

This is what im pretending it looks like! it has ti be pretty! right?

I never thought I would find myself writing those words down! It was always my biggest fear, as a Mother; I mean it’s anyone’s biggest fear right?

So in order to carry on my mission of raising awareness for Invisible Illness and to help others in my situation, I am embarking on the journey with Blobby.

So following on from the last blog of diagnosis! I have my appointment to see my Consultant to see the next step in my treatment.

I’m also showing most of the symptoms for Cushings Disease, I first noticed the most telling symptom of the gorgeously named ‘Buffalo Hump’ here is a photo of my beautiful specimen.

This is what a “Buffalo Hump” looks like

As if blobby wasn’t enough I now have a blob on my shoulders ha! 

I’m having an Endoscopy Endoscopy / Wiki in a weeks time as an emergency as it has become increasingly difficult to eat and drink without getting part of the meal stuck, hot drink are burning me and drinks are getting forced back up in spasms.

To say my body is having a field day is a understatement! 

The reason for blogging about this is, somewhat cathartic and mostly to help others;  who are going through or may go through, what I am at this present time. 

I know from experience you feel that you are not alone, and that having a blog or a place of reference can be really helpful.

Unless you want to bury your head and wish to know nothing ( which is perfectly natural and a normal reaction) it’s likely that you will reach out and look for information everywhere; post diagnosis. You… I found need a mix of facts, figures and people’s experiences to ground you and settle you. You need to feel you’re not alone and you’re path has been walked before and the winners post does exist.

I’m on that fateful yellow brick Road and I’m hopeful that this will be a good outcome all round, I already have multiple Chronic Illness prior to this, The main one that brought blobby to light is M.E & severe M.E at that which see’s me bed bound and struggling with anything other than looking after myself and my boys.

So Invisible Illness has huge importance to me and hence why I have started a Facebook group to help others A New Dawn Please feel free to join, I would welcome you and would love to help in any way. 

I hope to use my misfortune to take my awareness raising further and plan to hold fund raising events when I’m up on my feet again.

So please show your support of this blog by following, subscribing and joining my group if you so wish.

Thank you for listening..

Until next time…

Dawn 💋


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This blog finds me at a somewhat strange place. It’s been ten months since I took poorly, ten months of being bed bound, missing out on the Summer days, the days out I would normally do, with my youngest Son (aged 11), have gone on hold! Until when?  I can’t answer that right now.

I’ve had endless trips to my G.P saying something’s not right I feel worse, I can’t pinpoint it. The G.P I was with kept trying different medication but that wasn’t working and I knew it wasn’t the key.

I was referred with my blessing to another G.P in the practice to try and figure out my puzzle of a body. She started from the beginning and within a few months we have found out I have a problem with my liver that I’m awaiting a scan on, problems eating and drinking properly and strange hump at the top of my spine and I’ve just been diagnosed with a Pituitary Tumour. That came as a big suprise! Shock, and it’s been just over a week and I’m going through a range of emotions. The rest of the tests are ongoing but are not as important as the one regarding the tumour obviously.

What I can say it has made me want to do more than ever before is raise awareness and become a Charity through my Facebook group A New Dawn and also by helping others with the conditions i have, speaking to them and helping them through.

I am a Mother of Five boys, our eldest has Autism, then one of our boys has Hyperglaucemia and M.E and our youngest has a rare condition called Eosinphillic Oesophagitus & Colitus.

So with my Invisible Illness’s in our family, I have a passion to be an Ambassador and raise awareness for all these and Invisible Illness as many many people have blue badges or wheel chairs but because their disability is not visible, they will get abuse or looked at as people think they have nothing wrong.

I stopped blogging for a little while as I was just too exhausted, now I’m going to type a bit when I can each week to make sure I regularly blog. I want to keep an up to date blog of my journey after diagnosis and the effect it has on me and my family beyond having the strain of the Invisible Illness’s at present.

It’s not all doom and gloom, it can’t be, you have resume normality, especially for the kids and yes a lot of the tumours in the Pituitary are benign but my G.P wasn’t prepared to fill me with false hope from the beginning and rightly so! She just plainly said ” I just don’t know”

So I’ve given “it” a Name as I’m sure many people do! Not an adventourous one either! He ( let’s face it, the bugger is going to be Male if it’s pissing me off 😜!) joke!!! Lol just lightening the mood before I get any sexism jibes; so it! Is Blobby..

In my eyes blobby is a lovely colourful blob and is harmless and is just playing a few tricks on my body! In reality I know they don’t look this glam but I’m going with it.

I would love to hear from as many of you as possible who are #warriors at the moment or are caring for partners/married too or family too a sufferer. 

Please get in touch on here or via 

Insta: @Beautyboxboutique1

Twitter :@beautyboxboutiq

Snapchat: Dawniew

Thank you for reading, until the next blog..



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Labels,Labels do we all want a Label! 

So this is the first blog I have written on Invisible Illness really, since the beginning.  

I guess I had secretly hoped in my head that I would be better by now, after all, It’s been 10 months now & i am no better, infact I am worse.

It’s been and continues to be a rollercoaster of emotions and health issues. I have found out quite a lot about people like myself, who suffer on a daily basis, yet many may, not be as fortunate as I with their G.P; some even telling me that their G.P refuses to acknowledge their diagnosis.

I am on the whole quite positive, don’t get me wrong, I have my down days, when the morphine™  doesn’t hit the spot and I’m in agony all day. I’m positive because, there are people much worse off than me and I have to be hopeful that this “crash” will end soon.

I set up a Facebook group for Invisible Illness, to raise awareness and to help people like myself get support, make friends and be able to speak about their illness without judgement.

Click the link below to take you to the group. please feel free to join.

From setting up the group I have met a diverse range of people with a range of Invisible Illness’s.. And here’s the thing, we strive all our lives not to be labelled, not to have a specific group term attached associated with you; however in this case we strive to find out our Labels, as getting a label is better than being in limbo and risking possibly not being taken seriously. Also without a specific label you do not get the help, support and medication needed as easily & often get thought of as a “hyperchondriact”.

So in our cases we spend most of our lives chasing labels, having the carrott of a label dangled in front of us, only to have it whiped away at the drop of a hat without further explanation. This in itself is exhausting- let alone the illness itself.

When else in your life can you say tags you are you pleased to hear your hunch was correct, your hours of research on the computer after the kids were in bed paid off. So explain why now you feel like you’ve been winded?

Those labels sure are heavy and mean!

A label is for life not just for diagnosis.


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Celebration time – Karen Johnson is Fifty Years Young! 

This blog is in the series of blog’s for Karen Johnson- Out Of The Corner; except this one is a little different!

This is a very special, celebratory blog as we lead up to Karen’s 50th Birthday. We thought we would share this special time with you and the journey to here and now. 

I have had the honour and privilege of working with Karen and as we both are Warriors of pain, I can understand, in a unfortunate secret code, of those of us who paint a smile on, yet grimace in pain to not let people down.

I have had the ; what I suppose could be described as the, “behind the mask ” view of a women in pain , yet dammed if she lets on. It is a pain that’s excruciating, like a hot poker.

On the weekend I spoke to Karen to get a personal statement for her 50th Blog, it has been a particularly trying weekend, pain wise – so this is the reason.

“With having a hidden disability, nobody will ever understand by looking at me, the pain I suffer and what I have to do, to get to place,  i.e doubled morphine and pain killers.

The pure determination of no pain no gain to not be defeated by pain. 

The after affects it has on you the day after.

But to most people I’m perfect. 

When inside is completely opposite. 

The mind set of I will do this.

Never giving up or in.

And I want to be happy.

I will suffer later, Or it will take over my life.

To all my haters.

Don’t judge me by my looks !!

You do not know how much pain it takes to get to a event. 

And you or pain will not stop me.

Today I have my two sticks.

But I’m still smiling. ❤️😄

And thankful”


KJ raising awareness for hidden disability 

As you can see from the heartfelt words Karen has written so truthfully, day to day can get tough, it is only as late that Karen has felt more comfortable with using the sticks and I myself can relate to that, completely.

As it is a big celebration, I though we should invole you all and once this blog goes live! You will have the opportunity to comment at the bottom to send her a Birthday wish, If we can get as many as possible that would be lovely as Karen as I’m sure you all know is a remarkable woman, and in her fifty years has acomplished so much already, and there’s more to come. This lady has passion and fire to help others and to do what’s right, what she herself went through was horrific – but she believes she now has the mental strength to guide others when they are at their most vulnerable and lowest points. Karen truly is a guardian Angel to these people, as she changed their lives around when they need it most.

This is only the beginning for Karen, she has so much more she wants to do, but this month, rightly so Karen is spending it with those who mean a lot to her, friends and family, celebrating In London and in Liverpool her 50th Birthday with those who have come into her life and touched it for whatever reason.

Don’t worry if you were unable to get to either venue, Karen is aware of people’s circumstances and also your love for her, many messages will be sent I’m sure, to this truly inspirational lady whom once you have met her I’m sure you will agree, leaves an impact on your life for the better.

I am so lucky to have met Karen & will continue to follow her journey with her for many years to come, as I’m sure many of you will. I’m also sure you will agree with me, when I say Karen most definitely does not look 50! …and these pictures are proof, She is radiant, elegant, beautiful and ready to enjoy the celebrations.

Karen we Salute you! 


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Out of The Corner

Out of the darkness! 

This week has been a week of growth and self worth both, for myself and for my lovely friend Karen Johnson. I started a Facebook group this week to help others in the same situation as myself. It is a group for Invisible Illness… help, support, inform & develop friendships for those suffering in silence! Suffering in Silence Is a oxymoron! As we can’t suffer in Silence; the pain of our Illness’s are often too unbearable to withstand, so debilitating we need to ask for help from our G.P’s & family & so lonely we are often left in tears.

Both Karen & myself chose to speak out about our suffering this week in order too embrace our difficulties to help others. I decided once I got M.E to be upfront and tell people what was wrong as I was sick of trying to make excuses as to why I was so tired and lacking in energy & couldn’t keep to any commitments, and why I forgot things so easily! I wanted to advocate invisible illness not hide from it. So I thought I needed to embrace it. It is very important to me to help others as I don’t wish others to go through what I have, too feel the loneliness and despair that I did. I wanted a safe place for people to talk to others who wouldn’t judge them and knew their struggles without explanation.

Karen very bravely issued a post this week which I can only describe as a whirlwind. What I mean by this is that when I read it my brain couldn’t comprehend for a few seconds what I was reading. Here is the post that was candidly written.

“We suffer many silences

You don’t need to suffer alone anymore .

We may look good on the outside but inside is a total different story

I am breaking my silence with my disability to help all who hide behind the truth of admitting

There is no shame to speak out and be honest and open

I’ve kept mine to myself for too long

My disability was caused by a severe boot with steel caps to my lower spine which fractured my pelvic made my back weak after 3 more fractures and severe arthritis

But I remain being positive and remain trying everything possible to empower

It may of broke my bones but not my mindset KJ “

For many of us reading that statement it is one that we can not comprehend. Here is a woman a strong, a unstoppable woman who against all the odds has survived the horrific abuse that she was subjected too; but has since been living in silence with the ever heavy weight of invisible illness beating down on her day by day.

“The smile that hides severe pain of willpower and pure determination for never giving up” is something Karen spoke of with me,  its an extremely open wound that is the aftermath of her abusers wrath.

It is extremely important that we now talk about the issues that effect us, Beit invisible Illness or Self confidence issues, low self esteem, Domestic abuse. We have to continue to support each other through talking and listening. This gives comfort and support to people more than you can imagine through a simple gesture such as asking someone if they are ok, or spending time to listen.

Together the core team that Karen has developed are aiming to help people through her Out of the Corner group She has an amazing presence and is a true inspiration to me. Through adversity Karen emerges stronger – like a Phoenix from a fire!


We would like you to tell friends, relatives, colleagues; who may benefit from the group Out of The Corner to please join. This is for people who have little confidence, low self esteem, as well as to help those who suffer at the hands of a violent partner.

Thank you for reading my blog, I hope you enjoyed it,

A last thought from Karen and myself :

Karen “You might know my name

But you don’t know the real me”

Dawn “You don’t get it, until you get it!”

Stay beautiful💋


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Out of The Corner

Self Love… A blog on behalf of Karen Johnson


I have met Karen Johnson, at a Fashion event last year and I had met her Son a few years ago when I walked the walk on a Catwalk with him..(scary I was rubbish)  They are a pretty amazing Mother & Son pairing – both Models in their own right and highly respected too.

I had heard about Karen the Author too as this lady has many hats, Her first *book “Out of the corner”  (due for re-release very shortly) . A Very brave and honest but somehow cathartic look into her life as a Model and furthermore sufferer and survivor of Domestic Violence, This book is as much to give women empowerment as it it to give solidarity as one. Karen regularly campaigns for awareness for Domestic abuse to help others in that situation.

* The book has been published for two years and sold globally helping women and men all over the world . Unfortunately karen had to remove the amazing book of the shelves for legal reasons (regarding the publisher and her rights) but rest assured Karen is relaunching and revamping out of the corner soon .


Karen now is a public speaker and regularly helps teens and women with self confidence issues and self worth.

I look up to Karen so much and respect her experience and knowledge that she has to offer women – not only those that have suffered at the hand of domestic violence, but to women as a whole energising them and empowering us to achieve our dreams and goals however big or small they may be. Starting off with teens is of the upmost importance… This is where we as young women learn so much and are so highly influenced – often by the wrong thing! If we can teach these young girls the skills to use,  to guide themselves to become self confident and have self worth more importantly it will energise them to achieve what they so wish. This is where the knowledge is so much needed and has such an impact on their young lives.


I hope that you have enjoyed this blog, albeit a bit different to my normal content – but it’s all about women learning to love the whole them and having self confidence plus a great feeling of self worth. When you have achieved that – a new empowering, confident & more self aware woman will emerge! We are all trying to achieve that ultimately right? So learning how to begin, its a important step and recognising you want to become a more confident person on the inside – not just the outside is ultimately the first step. Good luck.

I will be posting about this campaign in future so watch this space… You can follow Karen on Twitter


Karen Johnson – A healer and a naturer, what a truly remarkable woman, I am honoured to be able to help and be part of Karen’s journey.


Stay beautiful 💋

 We would like to Thank photographers Robert Thompson and Glynn Kelly and also a big Thank you goes too Essy Herriman for supporting this campaign x


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Boutique of Molly

I was approached by BOM a few weeks ago & given the honour of being asked to write a blog for them.

I was very excited to be in talks with BOM and whilst discussing a future blog, I was asked the Question, ” what would be your OOTD”, I described my hot picks right now. 

In my OOTD I had stated that I’m loving the Cold Shoulder tops right now, very on trend for SS16! Pair them with a pair of wide leg Jean or trousers and a team with this seasons must have brimmed hat and you are set to go!

I received a message to take a look at the BOM New Arrivals and I was so surprised – and delighted to see a lovely Paris Cold Shoulder blouse.!product/prd1/4487685521/’paris’-cold-shoulder-blouse

This beautiful top has a understated elegance about it depicted in its flowing white material. It has a truly romantic feel to it and you can almost imagine yourself strolling around the Parisian boutique’s on a girly weekend.


So I have put a OOTD look together with this gorgeous top as my key piece. 

  1. Top – BOM £24.95 Beauty Box recommended 💋
  2. Wide leg jeans was £42 Now £20
  3. Hat – New Look £12.99
  4. Shoe -ASOS £35–DQSJADU8f2jGMLYkOSIsZRQbvXbuEOAzEumDWuWNl9S6OkXbpCIfBoCSyvw_wcB
  5. Bag – River Island £35–purses/fringed-bags/brown-fringed-slouchy-handbag-680867   


I hope you have enjoyed my blog on BOM & take a look at their amazing website

Give them a follow on Twitter too @boutiqueofmolly and show them some love.

Make sure you keep your eyes peeled for my next blog for BOM which will be on this gorgeous Halter Neck Maxi.

So for now all that is left for me to say is Thanks for reading and ….

Stay beautiful 💋




    Liebster Award

    I opened up Twitter today to receive the very nice surprise, that I have been nominated for the Liebster Award.

    I would firstly like to Thank Samantha from @samanthacararro for the nomination of this award! I am really pleased, as I am new to blogging and this is a great help for me and a great recognition. Thank-you.

    Here are my answers:

    1. I’m finding this really difficult about myself: Mumsy, caring, poorly / my blog: Personable, Whitty, My opinions good or bad. 
    2. My family, that’s was easy to answer, I’m married with 5 boys and they are my life.
    3. Best advice is, be yourself, don’t try to over fluff your blog or you will loose that element of what makes it different and that’s you.
    4. Easy, Cake! I love Cake… Yum, I’m hungry thinking about it now, lemon meringue, custard slice! Ohhh stop now, next question quick….
    5. Well hubby is made up for me as I have M.E & it is good for me to blog as I have been quite poorly recently! But I don’t think he really “gets it” until he sees the bank balance & the cosmetics I’m buying! 😮😝oooops! Sorry! My kids think it’s cool!,Parenrs don’t really understand what a ‘blog’ is but keeps my mind busy ha ha !
    6. Hmmm tough question, Have to be David Beckham I think, he has the full package ( No not in that way 😜) he has the body, but he has a soft caring side too! Very rare in men! 
    7. Ok 3 blogs I love are  
    9. I feel blogging has changed my life as, it has given me confidence in myself, I love all things beauty and found I was interested in blogs and articles, so I plucked up the courage to give it a try  myself. I took Ill in October last year & I can honestly say the blogging helps me; I gives me a purpose and a priority in my day when the boys are at School, that isn’t physical. Ohh this is getting a bit on the sombre side even for me – ok let’s lighten the mood and go to the next question.
    10. I think I touched on this a little above but, I also blog because I love all the amazing changes in the makeup industry… Governed by Fashion weeks , we then get a ripple effect of softer versions of their makeup; interpreted onto the high street & high end cosmetic brands, there is never a shortage of products to blog about, it’s more a shortage of money to buy & keep up with. This is why I love blogging so much, it is also a interprutation of my view on a look or a product! Which I love..

    Thank you for reading my Answers & all this leaves me to do now is to nominate & list my Q’s so I am going to nominate the following…

    6. twenty


    1. What have you found hard about blogging
    2. Where did you go to research blogging when you started up.
    3. How best would you describe your style of blog
    4. Where do you get your motivation from.
    5. Do you need a certain atmosphere (I.e) do you need peace & quiet when you write?
    6. What has been the best bit about doing your blog?
    7. To someone starting out, how would you recommend they best get traffic to their blogs?
    8. What has surprised you about your blog?
    9. Where did your blog Name come from?
    10. Do you use blogger or WordPress? & why?       

    So this brings me to the end of my Liebster (1st ever )award. thanks again Samantha, and good luck too the nominees.

    Stay beautiful 💋


      Beautybox’s 1st Birchbox

      I was intrigued about these monthly subscription boxes & had settled on a toss up between Birchbox & Glossybox.

      I couldn’t really call it between the two to be honest, both offer various beauty products in a cute box to your doorstep for *£10 a month, so I asked fellow beauty bloggers their opinions – again it was 50/50; so I called it by a more sensible method!…Their was a discount code for Birchbox, so that pipped Glossybox to the post! – What!!! Come on, you saying you wouldn’t do the same?

      So the Box arrives!!!!  

      Worsearch Birchbox

      So let’s delve inside & see what goodies we have…. 

      Birchbox Beauties

      I will be trying out the products in the box & will let you know my thoughts, but on first glance my favourite has to be…


      Spectrum Pink Blush/Powder brush

      Arrow Root Lip Balm
        I love the Spectrum Makeup brush, I have to admit I’m a “pink” girlie so was automatically drawn to this – love the bristles being a almost dip dye colour. This will definitely be added to my brush bag.

      The Arrow Root Lip Balm smells gorgeous and has a lovely texture not too sticky ( on initial quick testing) This is something I will definitely use and keep in my #beautybox

      So overall… I am really pleased with Beautybox’s 1st Birchbox.

      To get yours & get discount off your 1st box! Well it would be rude not too!…

      *cheaper if you take out the yearly subscription, you get 2 free boxes*
      I hope you enjoyed this blog
      Stay beautiful 💋




      There are many products out there for taming those eyebrows, Oh gone are the days, of a quick pluck with a pair of tweezers, found in a Christmas set of makeup & hair brushes ( you remember too right?)
      Once eyebrows were not on your agenda of your makeup routine! Now they are one of your top priorities! If those brows aren’t on “fleek” it ain’t happening! 

      I have had quite a battle to find the right product for my svelt like, often un-cooperative arch’s of eye definition! That I have quite frankly been quite tempted to shave of! Once or twice…Hmmm maybe not!

      Ok so I used to used the good old eyebrow pencil for a while, and while of course it covers well – one scratch of your forehead or a lean on your hand and you end up with one smudged eyebrow or looking rather surprised.

      Then I moved onto the more heavy duty slightly more drastic look of a brow pen, I have too admit I’m not a fan, I personally think for me they give too harsh a look – I was always scared that if it hadn’t dried properly and I raised my eyebrows I might loose the imprint in my fringe ha ha.

      So this took me too brow palette’s and I thought this was about the best of the bunch for me as it gives a much softer look, the key is to go for a shade close to your own hair shade not a dark shade to try and over dramatise. You use the powder and then to set you can use a wax.  My only problem with this was a) again as with other products one brush with your hand, wrist and you have lost half your eyebrow! b) I have areas of my eyebrow that are sparse and need filling in more, which meant building up more product on one eyebrow and then I had to even both out! Overall it’s good product once you get used to applying it. 

      My absolute favourites and now in my Beauty Box to stay are two products I use together.
      First I use Anastasia Brow Wiz Brow Wiz then I use Elf Eyebrow Treat & Tame. These two products together along with the finishing gel in the Elf product, make for a natural eyebrow, that actually stays put even overnight! I’m impressed . These will both be staying in my Beauty Box….. 

      I hope you have enjoyed my blog, Stay beautiful 💋





      Beauty and M.E

      Ok so I have been buying new products. I have even done a cheeky little review (My First non the less) and maybe I am a little disheartend with myself, or should I say the M.E.

      I tried to keep both separate as I have  Twitter for and solely for the illness & I have written a few blogs; but what I have found out (to my detriment) is that I can’t keep them separate! M.E is me & it’s the reason I’m feeling frustrated at not blogging enough.

      I wanted to write blogs showing you my make up tips using the products I have used & been buying tecently & my favourite brands, Hmmm quite difficult somedays when just doing daily tasks is exhausting.

      So I have to take a different approach to this I guess – I have to stop fighting against the illness, as that in itself is making me exhausted!

      One of the many, many (oh and there are many!) symptoms of M.E is puffiness! Joy!!! Ha ha ! Around the eyes ,face, neck, joints, stomach hmmm so doing a beauty makeover may be a tad more difficult on them days then ha ha!

      I am going to work with my illness and work on my good days, so I guess the essence of this blog was to set out my stall – as it were! So if I don’t post for a while then you know why and you can bear with me.

      I hope after all this you still want to follow me on my journey of beauty blogging – with a hint of the M.E thrown in the mix ; because after all it is part of me.
      Stay beautiful 💋




      My favourite lip colours I wear.

      I thought I would share with you after my last post, My favourite lip colours I like to wear.

      I do tend to wear an awful lot of natural shades as with my skintone, this is the one that seems to be more favourable; However I can get away with pinks and Fushia’s, but I have yet to find a Red tone that suits me!

      So here are my staple lipsticks from my makeup bag. 

      Firstly we have the Natural shade, Lip Pencil just to gently outline the lips, 

      Then I use Mac LipCrayon in gloss finish, I quite often like a gloss finish but it is preference, this isn’t sticky it’s lovely and smooth and stays on well. :

      For the Fushia shade that is a Loreal again a gloss as it gives a nice finish, you can build this look up, I haven’t got any base on here or eyes done – so obviously the look would be so much different with a whole makeup look! If you choose you could vamp up the eyes as well for a more dramatic look. 


      I wanted to add that the Mac Crayon that I have listed in Natural shade here also comes in some gorgeous dark mysterious berry shades if you can rock the look! So I’ve popped the link here for you to take a look at

      Thanks for reading! I hope you don’t mind a non made up non filtered face! I have been poorly so energy is paramount to write the blogs..

      Stay beautiful 💋




      The Classic Red Lip.. A timeless classic!

      Red lips have always had a strong holding  in fashion & 2016 is without exception. This year we are seeing the return to the Red lips & it feels like welcoming a old friend it is such a familiarity.
      This years take on the old classic is a somewhat fresher look, with the focus being on the lips! Gone are the strong flicked eyes in place with a natural eye and a beautiful rose cheek and then you have the beautiful smash of red, which grabs your attention and smacks glamour and sophistication.

      The shades are beautiful, Snow White Apple Red like the shade of choice for Dolce & Gabbana, with the finish being Satin… Others choosing a Matte finish also, what ever the shade or finish precision is a must! So getting those lips looking perfect is crucial.

      * A good tip too get those lips looking sophisticated.

      1. Apply a coat of lip colour & dab with tissue…
      2. Set with a dab of powder…
      3. Use lip pencil to get those lovely precise lines…
      4. If you choose add a slick coat of gloss.

        Now this look is one that I love & think is a stunning look, but for some reason the look doesn’t like me.

        As I am a lady of 42 (I see no reason to hide my age! Be proud is what I say!) it becomes a much harder look to pull off! 

        I look so much better with smokey eyes and natural shiny lips.

        So ok I will show you what I mean… Deep breath now… Pic one, Moi with a red lip look!  Granted I have lighter hair here, I now have my hair dark – but u can see how it can age,so be careful… The look does not work on everyone! 

          So a little bit too close up! But u can see, it really doesn’t work for me, I’ve tried this look so many times and I always get the same result, I look older a lot older! okay I will show you….. Next is a picture of me with smokey eyes and Natural lips ….
          Can you see the difference? Same me but so much different, I know it’s further away but believe me it was a different look and is Everytime.
        So let me know if any of you have found the same problem? I would love to know. 

        As for the look. This classic look will come round time and time again & I hope I see many people embracing this look this Summer. Good Luck.

        Stay Beautiful 💋






        Liner but not as you know it!

        It is with a breath of fresh air to see the trends coming through for Spring/Summer, It always fills you with much optimism and excitement for the year ahead.

        This year I am particularly pleased to see what I would describe as a throwback to the shades of blue I remember from my youth..with of course a gorgeous & fresh twist.


        This gives such a pop to the eyes and gives a lovely lift.

        The next look that is a vibrant look and a radical change from the flick dark eyeliner…is Starry eyes a beautiful dash of glittery colour making the eyes very glam indeed!

        Both these looks seem to prove that the “on fleek” eyeliner although here to stay is getting a re-vamp and a more fresh and colourful look is in the mix with some darker lip looks as well. It all makes for an exciting Spring/Summer 2016.

        Stay Beautiful 💋

        Dawn x



        Beauty · Invisible Illness Blogs

        A Blank Canvas

        There are several motives behind me wanting to write a blog, Firstly my love of all things beauty makeup and fashion, Second there is the fact, that I have for a short time started to train as a MUA & thirdly I became poorly late last year and haven’t been wearing makeup for many months (unheard of for me since I could raid my Mums makeup bag!) Not sure what is worse, M.E or not having the energy to put makeup on…I seriously was distraght to go to my GP without any makeup on! But the effort involved in putting on makeup and clothes and getting out of bed was just too much.

        So a new none makeup wearing me had emerged! Quite liberating actually until I sat down and some pretty young thing swished past, with her flouncy hair and her new Mac lipstick and the latest shade of nails and eyebrows on fleek!

        So here I am a plain faced non flouncy but albeit blank canvas! I am ready to see what amazing plethora of beauty products and makeup are out there, on the market and blog about them.

        So if you would like me to have a go and blog about your product! Let me know! Let this Blank canvas start to become an oil painting again. Welcome to my journey.


        Dawn, Stay beautiful 💋X